Protecting Land, Water and Communities

Renewable energy initiatives are helping communities protect their land and water, save money and enhance local economies.

Our communities are leading projects designed to:

  • Produce renewable, clean energy in our Traditional Territories for community use
  • Eventually sell power from community-owned hydro installations

Renewable Energy in the Great Bear Rainforest

In Klemtu, the Kitasoo/Xai Xais own and operate their own small storage hydro-electric plant. It delivers clean electricity to the community year round. The system has reached capacity in recent years and Klemtu is seeking to make significant upgrades to ensure an adequate supply of clean electricity in the future.

The Wuikinuxv Nation and the Gitga’at Nation are actively pursuing community-owned clean energy projects. Currently in the design phase, these projects are intended to replace diesel generation in their communities.

Other communities in the Great Bear Rainforest, still largely reliant on diesel, are working with BC Hydro and others to increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable sources.

Solar Installation

In 2015, the Kitasoo Xai Xais installed a 23-kilowatt solar electricity project on their school roof.  This is one of the largest remote solar projects in British Columbia. Kitasoo students are proud of their solar power project and since its instillation have become more engaged in community energy conservation activities.

This project was made possible by Bullfrog Power, Emerging Leaders in Sustainable Energy (ELSE), and the Federal government’s EcoEnergy program.