Coastal Stewardship Network

CFN-GBI’s Coastal Stewardship Network provides programming and support to Coastal Guardian Watchmen, and the stewardship offices of the First Nations along BC’s North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.


Each CFN member Nation has a Stewardship Office or Department, governed by their Nation and led by a Stewardship Director, that employs Guardian Watchmen and other staff to undertake work based on Nation-specific priorities.

Networking and Collaboration

We support Coastal Guardian Watchmen and the stewardship offices of Coastal First Nations by Facilitating monthly conference calls, Organizing Annual Gatherings, Coordinating Learning Exchanges and Developing communications and outreach tools.

Regional Monitoring System

In 2009, Coastal First Nations developed a Regional Monitoring System (RMS) that ensures a standardized digital approach to data collection for Nations monitoring coastal regions.

The RMS encourages collaboration between Nations and provides data for decision-making, while increasing Coastal Guardian Watchmen capacity and encouraging further engagement with resource users through compliance monitoring, education and outreach.

Coastal Guardian Watchmen

Across the North Pacific Coast, Guardians have come together to form the Coastal Guardian Watchmen—a regional group that works collaboratively to steward this entire coastal region.

Training and Professional Development

Caring for coastal lands and waters is a responsibility passed down from generation to generation. Effective stewardship depends on sharing teachings, deepening knowledge and enhancing skills.

The Coastal Stewardship Network supports these efforts by offering rich learning experiences that build capacity for current and future stewardship leaders. Our programming includes custom training programs, workshops and land-based educational experiences.

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Support

For thousands of years, First Nations people along the Pacific North Coast have cared for the wildlife and ecosystems that are a part of their communities.

The Coastal Guardian Watchmen are the modern version of that ancient tradition; they work together to monitor, protect and restore the cultural and natural resources of their Nations, upholding their Nation’s laws and the traditions passed down from their ancestors.


The following brochures, reports and other resources were produced either by the Coastal Stewardship Network or in partnership with other organizations. We share them here for reference and as a resource for other Indigenous Guardians and stewardship staff. We will add new resources to this page regularly, so please visit again.

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