CFN Declaration


The North West Coast is a rich, and precious part of the earth. Our Cultures arise from the connection of our people with these lands and seas.

We recognize that our life source remains under the direct threat of industry and from the cumulative impacts of humanity and attendant effects on the climate.

This declaration is our commitment to protecting and restoring the natural world and in doing so, retaining our cultures while designing sustainable economies.

We live with the consequence of any abuse of our territories and the greater perils of climate change.

We commit ourselves to stand together, support each other and work together to fulfill these commitments:

  • To making decisions that ensure the well-being of our lands and waters.
  • To retain our cultures through our tradition, knowledge, and respect of nature.
  • To be respectful of each other and to all life.


  • We recognize our responsibilities to future generations;
  • We will advance our influence through the affirmation of our Title and Rights;
  • Our respect for nature will continue to guide our decisions;
  • We seek self-reliance and will design our economies to respect our life source;
  • We will share our experiences and support each other to mutual advantage;
  • We will respect territorial prerogatives and develop protocols to formalize interplay;
  • Our Nations will celebrate our cultural differences while honouring our family ties.


Originally signed by the following First Nations and Councils:

  • Skidegate
  • Metlakatla
  • Heiltsuk
  • Nuxalk Nation
  • Gitga’at
  • Kitasoo Xaixais
  • Council of the Haida Nation
  • Old Massett
  • Wuikinuxv
  • Haisla

CFN Clean Energy Declaration

The Coastal First Nations Declaration for Clean Energy & Climate Adaptation is our commitment to become climate resilient, adaptable, secure, and non-emitting. We uphold our commitment to the wellbeing of future generations through this declaration.