CFN Declaration


The North Pacific Coast is a rich, varied and fragile part of the natural world.  The connection of land and sea with people has given rise to our ancient Northwest cultures.

We recognize this life source is under threat like never before and that all people must be held accountable.

This united declaration is the foundation for protecting and restoring our culture and the natural world.

We are the ones that will live with the consequences of any actions that take place in our territories.

We commit ourselves:

  • to making decisions that ensure the well-being of our lands and waters.
  • to preserving and renewing our territories and cultures through our tradition, knowledge, and authority.
  • to be honest with each other and respectful of all life.

We will support each other and work together as the original people of the North Pacific Coast, standing together to fulfill these commitments.


Recognition of the rights of the original people;

Affirmation of those rights;

Respect for decisions and traditional knowledge;

Activities must enhance or complement existing cultures;

Results must be shared;

Benefits must be negotiated;

Common permits developed; and

To operate within First Nations territory a protocol is required.

Originally signed by the following First Nations and Councils:




Nuxalk Nation



Council of the Haida Nation

Old Massett



CFN Clean Energy Declaration

The Coastal First Nations Declaration for Clean Energy & Climate Adaptation is our commitment to become climate resilient, adaptable, secure, and non-emitting. We uphold our commitment to the wellbeing of future generations through this declaration.