First Nations Governance

In early 2017, First Nations, Canada and the Province of British Columbia endorsed the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area initiative. The PNCIMA plan supports strategic marine use planning and ocean management in our marine territories.

With its commitment to PNCIMA, the federal government agreed to join First Nations in establishing the first national model of collaborative governance for marine use planning.

​​​​​​​Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative is working with regional First Nations organizations to seek community approval to develop a Marine Planning and Management Reconciliation Table. This process will establish joint decision-making by First Nations and Canada in carrying out the PNCIMA plan in our territories.

Reconciliation with Canada: A Marine Planning and Management Table

What Do We Hope to Achieve?

Develop a Nation-to-Nation Relationship

Advance a collaborative, coordinated and efficient approach to decision-making in marine spatial planning and ocean management in our Traditional Territories.

  • Develop a collaborative decision-making model between First Nations and Canada for ongoing management of our territorial waters
  • Identify specific issues relating to marine planning, ongoing management and enforcement in which First Nations are seeking jurisdictional authorities

Advance Marine Spatial Planning

Supporting the implementation of PNCIMA and MaPP.

  • Inform tenuring processes on where development can take place in our territories
  • Assess cumulative impacts on marine ecosystems and to cultural values to ensure prevention and mitigation measures with a long-term monitoring system are in place
  • Recognize, understand and prepare for climate change
  • Identify areas for habitat restoration
  • Undertake monitoring of ocean and ecosystem health through special science and research activities, and ongoing education and outreach

Promote a Healthy Environment

Collaboratively plan and carry out marine protection activities in a way that preserves ocean health, supports coastal communities and allows for sustainable marine use.

  • Identify marine areas for protection that support the ecological, social and cultural values of First Nation communities
  • Establish a Network of Marine Protected Areas in our Traditional Territories
  • Protect fisheries areas for food, social and ceremonial use