Climate Action Coordinators

Bryn Armstrong

Kitasoo X’aiXais Nation

Bryn Armstrong is a Climate Action Coordinator for the Kitasoo X’aiXais Nation. Bryn is currently focused on heat pump installations and creating an updated community energy plan. Bryn brings a diverse to her position which includes a BSc in Biology and has been working with the community since 2019. In her spare time, Bryn enjoys rock climbing and hanging out with her dog.

Kevin Brown

Old Massett Village Council, Haida Gwaii

Kevin Brown is a Climate Action Coordinator for the community of Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, where he was born, raised, and lived most of his life, apart from attending post-secondary education and training for the various positions held, including his current position. Kevin brings a diverse knowledge and experience to his position which includes working for both his Village Council and Senior Government, Council of Haida Nation on Haida Gwaii for the last 40 years. These include Executive Assistant, Land Use Planning Coordinator, Floor Manager Fish Plant, Sous Chef, Exec Director, OMVC Development Corp, Payroll Clerk, Economic Development Officer, Community Fisheries Coordinator, and Salmon Enhancement Manager. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys the beach, racket sports, volleyball, supporting worthy community events, movies, music, hockey, travel, scratch cooking and being an active “Chinni” (grandfather).

Leona Humchitt

Heiltsuk First Nation

Christopher Johnny

Dease River First Nation

My name is Christopher Johnny and currently my position is the Climate Action Co-ordinator for the Dease River, Located in Good Hope Lake, B.C. My focus is the Community Energy Plan, and the Troutline Creek Hydro Project alongside my manager. Currently we are in the permitting process. My position as the Climate Action Co-ordinator started in October 2022, previously I worked in the mining industry as a mill operator for the past 12 years. Prior to mining, I worked as a big game guide for 6 years and for the forestry industry as a Forestry Operations Technician for a few years. As the opportunity for me to join the Climate Action Co-ordinator community presented itself, I left the mining industry to help my community to move forward with developing a Community Energy Plan and help where I can with the Run of the river hydro project our community is currently pursuing. In my spare time I overindulge in fishing, travelling, talking to my one and only son Colter on a daily basis through face time and spending every available minute with my spouse Tana.

Holly Johnson

Skidegate Band Council, Haida Gwaii

Holly is employed by Skidegate Band Council on Haida Gwaii as a Climate Action Coordinator. Holly focuses on planning and coordinating energy and climate activities and deliverables associated with capacity-building, clean energy, demand-side management, and community engagement. She is very enthusiastic about learning about new renewable technologies and is passionate about energy and doing her part to preserve the environment for future generations. During her spare time, Holly is out exploring the beautiful environment on Haida Gwaii and loves photography.

Hermann Meuter

Gitga’at Nation

Hermann Meuter is the climate action coordinator for the Gitga’at First Nation in Hartley Bay. Hermann has been working in this role since 2019 and was able to successfully implement ICCP programs for the community, including energy savings products, fridge/freezer exchange and most importantly heat pumps. Every occupied building in Hartley Bay, residential and commercial, is now equipped with an air source heat pump. He is currently working on a water security project for Hartley Bay to increase climate resilience for the Nation. Ideally, that will lead to a hydroelectric project, which will allow the Gitga’at to drastically reduce dependency on diesel and reduce carbon footprint. Hermann immigrated to Canada from Germany in the late 1990s. He has been researching whales in Gitga’at territory for the last 20+ years and has been adopted into the Gitga’at raven clan. His name is Liitsk ne’ex. He is an avid soccer fan and still enjoys following his favourite soccer team in the German Bundesliga.

Chris Monaghan

Uchucklesaht Tribe

Chris is a Climate Action Coordinator for the Uchucklesaht Tribe and brings his expertise in academia and international development to advance climate justice, transformative mitigation, and adaptive capacity. Chris is currently focused on transitioning the village of Ehthlateese from fossil fuel reliance to renewable energy sources. Specifically, assessing the feasibility of micro-hydro and solar system projects to meet current and future energy demand. Chris is guided by his commitment to the praxis of sustainability and reconciliation, and welcomes every chance to forward this vital work. In his spare time, Chris can be found trail running, backcountry camping, or consumed by a good book.

Jamie Pond

Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nation

Jamie is of mixed heritage, including both First Nations and Irish origins. She is the Capital Projects Manager for Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nation and is passionate about working in the clean energy and climate action fields. Jamie has a Bachelor’s degree from Thompson Rivers University, majoring in management and has more than 14 years of experience working and living on reserve. The main objective for Jamie is to serve First Nations toward independence and mentor young people into an effective team focused on reducing our environmental footprint.

Lori Saunders

Xeni Gwet’in First Nation Government

Lori Saunders, Ximximuslayc, is Sutslmc and Tsilhqot’in from the territories Kimsquit and Xeni Gwet’in. Lori is the Clean Energy Coordinator for Xeni Gwet’in First Nations Government. She is a Massage Therapist who occasionally does massages for her community when she has the time and capacity. Lori has completed the Indigenous Environmental Leadership Pathways Program at Royal Roads University, participated in the Global Youth Climate Training, and has been accepted to the LCOY Canada 2023 Youth Advisory Council. Lori enjoys beading, practicing embroidery, weaving cedar bark, reading, and being out on the land. She loves learning about traditional medicine, cultural history, and traditional practices and protocols.

Terry Webber

Nuxalk Nation

Yaw Smatmcuks! Nsta Xuta! Tcamatlhhts alh Snxlhh! Hello friends! Terry Webber is the Clean Energy Director at Nuxalk Nation as well as an Elected Councillor for Nuxalk Nation and Trustee for School District # 49. His Nuxalk name is Xuta. He comes from the village of Snxlhh in Nuxalk Territory. Terry was born and raised in Nuxalk Territory. Terry is currently focused on the Nooklikonnik Run of River, Solar Project, Biomass Project, Heat Pump initiative, Necleetsconnay Trail Project (re-establishing a grease trail to the Dean River) and establishing meaningful education opportunities at the Nation level and the District level.

Our Team

Gillian Aubie Vines

Project Manager

Gillian has over 20 years of experience leading complex projects for clients, and over 10 years of experience working directly with Indigenous communities and organizations. Since 2012, Gillian has served Coastal First Nations-Great Bear Initiative as the Climate Action Project Manager.

Over the last 10 years, Gillian has led CFN-GBI’s efforts to support member Nations (Wuikinuxv, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai’xais, Nuxalk, Gitga’at, Metlakatla, Old Massett, Skidegate) in their efforts to end dependency on fossil fuels and advance climate adaptation, include the development of the Indigenous Climate Action Network. Gillian is a volunteer with the Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club, and enjoys spending time outside with her family.

Denni Clement

Program Co-Lead

Denni Clement is from ʔAq’am, a Ktunaxa Nation community located in the Kootenay region of BC. She is a facilitator, planner, researcher, writer, community engagement, and sustainability specialist. Denni led the creation of ʔAq’am’s comprehensive community plan from 2009 to 2011, and has contributed to ongoing planning efforts since. Denni’s facilitation style is grounded in Ktunaxa teachings from ʔAq’am Elders and Knowledge Holders. She is able to understand diverse Indigenous protocols and has created safe, creative engaging spaces for Indigenous peoples for over 10 years. Denni holds a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from the University of Victoria and is a dancer performing regularly with Indigenous women’s groups in Victoria.

Gala Muñoz-Carrier

Network Facilitator

Gala is a sustainability and climate action professional with a background in community facilitation, instruction, planning and research. Gala has done a mix of climate justice organizing and institutional education to learn about Indigenous perspectives and land-based engagement on ways forward into the “climateocene” age. Gala supports Climate Action Coordinators with peer support and training/event opportunities and for the Network overall, mentorship program development, enrolment and reporting tasks. In their time outside of work, Gala enjoys biking, gardening, and being with loved ones (those with and without fur).

Shakya Sur

Climate Action Facilitator

Shakya Sur (pronounced “Shakko,” but he also goes by “Shak”) is a settler to Canada with dual roots in India and the tiny Middle East nation of Bahrain. With a background in mechanical engineering and sustainability, a BSc from the University of Southern California and an MASc from the University of Toronto, Shakya is excited to support Indigenous-led climate action! In a previous role, Shakya was an Engineer-in-Training with the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corp, a First Nations-led technical advisory non-profit in Ontario, where he directly supported key infrastructure projects in communities while being a technical resource for the Community Energy Champions program. In his spare time, Shak enjoys staying active, practicing yoga, playing guitar, going birdwatching and chasing meteor showers.