Land Use Planning in the Great Bear Rainforest

Coastal First Nations are working to build a conservation-based economy.

One that will protect the ecological values of the Great Bear Rainforest and provide economic health for our communities.

We actively seek out partners in government, industry, environmental organizations and other sectors to:

  • Implement agreements with the Province recognizing First Nations’ right to manage our lands and resources
  • Improve stewardship of our forests with ecosystem-based land use planning
  • Build community well-being through conservation-based economic opportunities
  • Protect the cultural and ecological values of our traditional lands.

Roadmaps for the future

Coastal First Nations know that logging, tourism, traditional food-gathering and spiritual ceremonies are all part of our future.

But they cannot happen in the same place.

Careful land use planning and an ecosystem-based management approach is an important part of caring for our terrestrial areas. It helps create stability for our future –providing certainty for industry partners while guiding responsible resource development.

Since 2002, Coastal First Nations and the Government of British Columbia have negotiated government-to-government agreements to decide the future of our coast – the first of their kind in BC to recognize First Nations’ role in land use.

Strategic Land Use Planning Agreements between each Nation and the Province allow communities to:

  • Determine what we value most on our Territories
  • Establish protected areas that recognize our Aboriginal Rights and Title
  • Set out and implement new rules for sustainable forestry practices
  • Participate in meaningful consultation and decision-making
  • Generate our own source of revenue for economic well-being


Ecosystem-based Management: A Commitment to Our Future - Factsheet Series