Spatial Plans

Through the MaPP process, First Nations and the BC government completed spatial marine plans with the help of SeaSketch – a planning tool that allows users to look at many different layers of data together to learn more about the MaPP study area.

The SeaSketch portal provides more than 250 data layers that can be combined to provide a full picture of planning options: from species and habitats to First Nations cultural sites, traditional food harvesting areas and other marine uses.

​​​​​​​This information can help support or inform decision-making for the development of marine spatial plans. It can inform discussions on way to reduce spatial conflicts between marine uses and activities, and maintain the ecological integrity of marine ecosystems.

Explore the SeaSketch Portal

Explore the portal to get an idea of how this tool was used. Learn more about the ecology of the MaPP study area and the diverse marine uses and activities of our traditional waters.

Click here to access the marine planning portal.