Stronger Together: Celebrating CFN’s 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Coastal First Nations-Great Bear Initiative.

This is also an extraordinary year where the world is facing a global health crisis. While it’s not the time for in-person celebrations, it is important to reflect on just how far we’ve come together and to share our hopes as we look forward to our future. Join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Celebrating Our Past

The lessons we have learned as an alliance of Nations over the past 20 years comes down to two things. First, think big! Throughout our 20-year journey, we did things no one else had done before and played an integral role in protecting our lands and waters, developing government-to-government relations and creating economic opportunities. Second, believe in your goals and vision! Over the years, we have demonstrated our resilience, overcome adversity together and learned from our mistakes.


It’s About Our People and Partners

To our community members: Thank you for trusting us for many years. We are honoured to have your trust and will continue to work hard to achieve our goals.

To our staff: We are grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated and passionate people every day.

To our partners and allies: Our leaders recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to the work we do together. We thank our partners and allies for their commitment, expertise and skills in helping us move our agenda forward.

Shaping Our Future

The journey hasn’t been easy nor is it over. It has taken courage, resilience and boldness to get this far. Let’s continue to be stronger together in shaping and defining a future where our communities are thriving.

Join us for CFN 20th Anniversary Celebrations at our new anniversary webpage, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.