Coastal First Nations and Central Coast Bear Working Group reacts to BC Government announcement on ban of Trophy Bear Hunt

(Vancouver, August 15, 2017) – Coastal First Nations (CFN) and the Central Coast Bear Working Group commend the BC Government for keeping its promise to end the trophy bear hunt.

The BC NDP announced in a news release on Monday that a new grizzly bear trophy hunting ban will take place this fall in BC, including a complete closure of grizzly hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest. Meat hunting will still reportedly be allowed elsewhere in the province.

Chief Marilyn Slett, the CFN president, says we have fought to protect bears from cruel and unsustainable trophy hunts for more than a decade. “We believe it is wrong to kill for a sport,” says Slett. “Bears are as much a part of the environment as we are and the majority of British Columbians share this view.”

Slett said trophy bear hunting is already banned under our Indigenous law. “We are pleased the Province has come into alignment with our Indigenous laws and believe this is a step in the right direction.”

Jess Housty, a member of the Bear Working Group and CFN board member, said it is about time the trophy hunt has been banned. “We have been clear killing bears for sport is not part of our culture. It is disappointing that hunters are going to be out on our lands killing bears before the ban comes in effect.”

While the new ban won’t take effect until Nov. 30, 2017, we believe ending the trophy bear hunt will be good for BC and coastal economies, says Bear Working Group member Chief Douglas Neasloss.

The ban supports our Indigenous laws as well coastal economies as we continue to build longterm sustainable industries such as tourism,” he said. “The archaic practice of shooting bears for sport is disgusting and I hope the NDP position will set an example for others to follow.”

“I am glad to see the BC Government has secured a place for bears in the Great Bear rainforest,” adds Neasloss. “After all, it’s not the Great Bear Rainforest without bears.”


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