We all need to #MaskUp!

During our 20th Anniversary Celebrations, CFN gives a shout out to our community leaders and members who have been working hard to keep families safe from the COVID-19 virus. It hasn’t been easy and it’s required a lot of personal sacrifice, so we think it’s time to take a moment to celebrate you and your leaders’ efforts.

The pandemic also changed our plans for a CFN 20th Anniversary celebration. Instead of hosting an in-person gathering, we’re inviting everyone to join us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels for the next two weeks!

To celebrate and support the efforts of our communities to stay safe, Coastal First Nation has also commissioned Nuxalk artist Danika Naccarella to design this beautiful mask poster. We’ll be sharing it with your community to post to encourage and remind community members to do your part and wear a mask!

We’d love you to tell us, who do wear your mask for? Everyone wears their mask to protect someone — whether it’s for your grandma, your grandkids, or friends and family with health issues that put them more at risk.

We invite you to use the #MaskUp hashtag to share a photo of yourself wearing your mask and answer the question: “I #MaskUp for ___________”

Please join us! Wearing a face mask is one of the simplest, most effective ways to slow the spread of the virus, but we need everyone to do their part to keep us safe. That’s why we’re asking you to #MaskUp and to speak up! Tell us who the people are that you care about and wear a mask to protect.