Twenty Years of Progress: 2019 CFN-GBI Annual Report

Since Coastal First Nations came together two decades ago, we have experienced many successes in protecting our environment and building a sustainable coastal economy.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to test our resilience and resolve, this is certainly not the way we had expected to celebrate our 20th anniversary. But our leaders have pulled together to navigate these challenging times, while ensuring the health and well-being of our citizens remains top priority.

As we mark this important milestone, our 2019 Annual Report also takes a look back at a year full of successes and progress.

These successes include the ongoing work of the Coastal Stewardship Network, which continues to deliver unique stewardship training programs for coastal communities while supporting the regional stewardship efforts of the Coastal Guardian Watchmen, as well as our role in spearheading the historic Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement — signed with the Government of Canada by Coastal First Nations and member Nations in mid-2019 — that will help revitalize fisheries throughout our coastal communities.

Our goal remains a bold one: to lead in the protection of our environment and to build a sustainable economy. We must continue to challenge ourselves to look for new ways to support our communities, while adapting as needed to address new challenges and opportunities. I remain confident that we have the right plan, the right team and the right mindset to achieve our goals. – Chief Marilyn Slett, CFN-GBI President