In 2020, Coastal First Nations is celebrating 20 years together!

Since we can’t get together in person, we invite you to join us to celebrate our achievements online from this Sunday November 22 to December 6.

Join us in celebrating our history

Two decades ago, our communities on the Pacific North Coast were working in isolation. In 2000, we came together to successfully protect our lands and waters and rebuild our coastal economy. Since then we’ve achieved many milestones and this calls for a celebration. Our alliance of Nations has been stronger together and we believe our greatest accomplishments are yet to come.

Our 20-year journey began with the David Suzuki Foundation. We reached out to David Suzuki and Tara Cullis and will be sharing their story about our early days as an alliance of Coastal First Nations.

While we had common interests and worked successfully with the David Suzuki Foundation, we had a strong belief that we had much more work to do and needed to stand on our own. Our commitment and passion to protect our lands and waters allowed us to work with a broad range of allies and governments to reach reconciliation agreements, build businesses and support community capacity. We set a model for relationship-building and increased our decision-making role in protecting our lands and waters.

Over the next two weeks we will share with you some of our incredible journey.

Join us in celebrating our communities

The campaign celebrates not just our history but our remarkable communities.

Many people have asked how we stay so motivated. It’s because we care deeply about our communities and our community members.

Join us for two weeks of stories, videos, photos and more as we celebrate our history and communities. And look forward to another 20 years! #CFNstrongerTogether

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  • Walk through memory lane with archival footage and photos
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