Guujaaw named Special Advisor by Coastal First Nations

“A leader is only as strong as the will of his people.” Guujaaw

The CFN board of directors are pleased to announce that Guujaaw has been retained as Special Advisor to the Coastal First Nations (CFN).

Guujaaw, a founding member and past president of the CFN, will provide strategic advice and direction, and support the leadership on key policy files.  “As a negotiator, Guujaaw is respected by friend and foe alike” says CFN senior policy advisory Paul Kairya. “He is an artful strategist known to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.”

“At this very critical time in our work to protect the environment and build a sustainable economy, we are very pleased to have Guujaaw back with the CFN,” said CFN President Chief Marilyn Slett. “He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.”

Guujaaw was CFN Chair through the years of protecting and establishing the ‘Great Bear Rainforest’ and has worked with North and Central coasts leaders through the land and marine use planning processes.

Guujaaw served 13 years as President of the Haida Nation and now carries the name “Gidansta” Hereditary Chief of the Skedans Ravens of the Haida Nation. He has been in the thick of Haida culture and politics all of his adult life. He is a canoe maker and carver, known to some for his songs and stories, “there is no reason why we should spoil the earth to build economies.” says Guujaaw, “Art is politics, as surely as our culture is nature.”