GBR Essential Oils Launches E-commerce Website

We are delighted to promote the launch of a new website for Great Bear Rainforest™ Essential Oils—a social enterprise supported by CFN-GBI. The e-commerce site allows consumers to purchase these essential oils online, and have them shipped right to their home. Free shipping on all orders over $150!

These essential oils are carefully steam-distilled at production facilities within the Metlakatla and Nuxalk Nations, and are sustainably harvested from conifer needles gathered in the Great Bear Rainforest. Just the simple act of purchasing these oils has a significant positive ripple effect in these communities.

Since 2000, First Nations throughout the North and Central Coast have been working together to create a sustainable economy that supports local communities, while preserving ecosystems and wildlife within this world renowned and ecologically unique region. Great Bear Rainforest™ Essential Oils are a key part of that long-term vision.

If you make a purchase by April 15, use the coupon code GREATBEAR15, and you will receive these essential oils and gift kits at a 15% discount!