Eyes and Ears of the Land and Sea

Since 2010, the Coastal Guardian Watchmen have been digitally capturing records of their patrols in the Regional Monitoring System (RMS) — a standardized approach to data collection that encourages collaboration between Nations and provides data for regional decision-making.

The innovative monitoring system highlights the benefits of Guardians being part of a network, since it allows for recording regional data with a level of detail that is usually only possible at a local level. The RMS also increases the Guardians’ capacity for further engagement with resource users through compliance monitoring, education and outreach.

Records from this monitoring (see the map and stats below) clearly show the dedicated presence of Guardians across the North and Central coast over time and space.

Coastal Guardian patrols: By the numbers

  • Total number of patrols: 6,385
  • Total kilometers: 619,864
  • Total hours: 38,964
  • Coverage of coastal waters of the BC north and central coast: 52%
  • Coverage of inland coastal waters of the BC north and central coast: 72%
  • Coverage of inland coastal waters of BC north and central coast in traditional territories: 96%

Learn more about the benefits of Coastal Guardians

Download our Case for Investment final report: Coastal Guardian Watchmen: Stewarding the Coast for All (pdf).

Guardian Patrol tracks map
A portion of the patrol tracks recorded into the RMS since 2010. The map does not include all patrols; any patrols that were not recorded with the RMS are excluded, Metlakatla and Haida patrols are excluded, and some patrols on the outside of Calvert Island are also excluded.