As Indigenous peoples we govern our territories and safeguard the health of our ecosystems. We are the Guardians and Watchmen of our territories. We are men and women carrying forward the work of our ancestors to manage and respect our lands and waters informed by our traditional laws to ensure a vibrant future for generations to come. We work with our neighbouring Nations to create a united and collective presence throughout our territories. From the Central Coast to the North Coast and Haida Gwaii, we are working together to monitor, protect, and restore the cultural and natural resources in our territories.

As the Guardians and Watchmen of our territories, we will steward our marine and terrestrial natural and cultural resources to ensure that they are sustainably managed.

To this effect, we will…

  • monitor commercial and recreational activities on the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii;
  • gather data on the ecological health and wellbeing of our territories;
  • compile and share data that we gather in order to inform decision-making in our territories;
  • have the mandate to carry out compliance and enforcement responsibilities; 
  • have a strong presence throughout our territories so that resource users regularly encounter and interact with us;
  • have access to secure funding to support ongoing year-round Guardian/Watchmen programs in our communities;
  • play an active role in community outreach and education regarding the protection of our cultural and natural resources; and
  • work with the federal and provincial government (through management agreements that respect our title and rights) to ensure coordinated and robust monitoring and enforcement throughout our territories.

As Indigenous peoples we derive our authority and jurisdiction from our traditional laws to manage and safeguard the lands and waters of our territories for the health of future generations.