Coastal Guardian Watchmen: A Case for Investment

First Nations on the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii have stewarded their territories for thousands of years. Today, the Coastal Guardian Watchmen are the modern version of that ancient tradition.

The Guardians work for the stewardship offices of their Nations, but they also work together across the coast to ensure resources are sustainably managed; that rules and regulations are followed; and that land and marine use agreements are implemented effectively.

CFN engaged EcoPlan International to help us produce Coastal Guardian Watchmen: Stewarding the Coast for All (pdf) — a comprehensive report that highlights the significant benefits and contributions of the Guardians, and the importance of multi-year funding to ensure they can do their jobs effectively into the future.

Report Summary

The Coastal Guardian Watchmen provide a range of benefits for communities across the coast; they protect natural ecosystems and cultural heritage, and save lives by responding quickly to marine emergencies. The Guardians also fill in many stewardship gaps for provincial and federal agencies that provide inadequate coverage given the size and remoteness of coastal areas.

Beyond their extensive stewardship contributions, the Coastal Guardian Watchmen are an example of true reconciliation, since the work helps connect youth with their lands and waters, and advances relations with non-Indigenous people and groups through collaborative research, stewardship and other efforts.

Want to learn more?

Download the full report: Coastal Guardian Watchmen: Stewarding the Coast for All (pdf).

Watch the video below — Coastal Guardian Watchmen: Stewards of the Land and Sea!