Coastal First Nations signs Pacific North Coast Integrated Management agreement

February 15, 2017 (Vancouver) – Coastal First Nations (CFN) say the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) agreement will lead to a sustainable coastal economy and thriving communities.

Chief Marilyn Slett, the President of Coastal First Nations, says PNCIMA supports Canada’s commitment to a nation-to-nation relationship. “The agreement reaffirms our commitment to work together on mutual priorities such as marine protected area planning, emergency response and developing economic opportunities for coastal communities to create a healthy coastal economy and environment.”

First Nations have played a leadership role in bringing together a range of interests, including governments and stakeholders, on the coast to address the unsustainable policies and practices that have damaged the environment and devastated our coastal waters. “PNCIMA allows First Nations to collaborate with government and others on coastal interests and advance marine use plans that provide for environmental sustainability and the economic well-being,” Slett said.

We have always known that if we take care of our lands and waters they will take care of us, she said. “That is why ecosystem-based management is an integral part of the agreement.”

Slett said with the implementation of PNCIMA we hope to see streamlining and efficiencies in all that we have achieved through the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP), marine protected areas planning and the Oceans Protection Plan.



For more information, contact:


Chief Marilyn Slett

President, Coastal First Nations

(250) 957-7721