A Coastal First Nations Approach

Coastal First Nations are very proud of our achievements on land in the Great Bear Rainforest on British Columbia’s north Pacific coast.

Working collaboratively with governments, industry and other groups, we have created one of the best terrestrial conservation and economic development models the world has seen – a vast land plan that promises to protect 85 per cent of our old-growth forests.

Land use planning has allowed First Nations to protect important cultural sites, food areas and ecological values. And build sustainable economic opportunities for the future.

But we can’t protect our rainforest without protecting our ocean. That’s why we have extended this model to our traditional waters.

Kâmahl: Harvesting Razor Clams

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

Coastal First Nations people have managed our coastal areas for thousands of years–stewardship experience that we bring to marine planning.

Like land-use and urban planning, marine planning helps inform and guide decision-making to maintain the marine ecosystem and the services it provides for future generations.

By combining First Nations Traditional Knowledge with cutting-edge marine science, our communities are putting in place plans that will:

  • Help resolve conflict between marine users and provide stability for our region
  • Protect Aboriginal Rights and Title in our Traditional Territories
  • Safeguard our ocean resources
  • Support a conservation-based economy into the future
  • Build capacity in our communities in governance, monitoring and sustainable marine industries