In 2009, Coastal First Nations developed a Regional Monitoring System (RMS) that ensures a standardized approach to data collection for Nations monitoring coastal regions.

The RMS encourages collaboration between Nations and provides data for decision-making, while increasing Coastal Guardian Watchmen capacity and encouraging further engagement with resource users through compliance monitoring, education and outreach.


The issues currently being monitored reflect priority concerns identified by communities regarding damage to cultural sites, excessive hunting and over-fishing, declining populations of fish and wildlife, and the inadequate presence and response of enforcement agencies.


  • Standard methodology and guidelines for collecting data;
  • Field cards and CoastTracker tablets to record data in the field;
  • Online Data Management System for data analysis and interpretation, planning and decision-making;
  • RMS Coordinator to provide support for data collection, analysis and use; and
  • Data and Systems Analyst to provide database, programming and other support.

Regional Monitoring System Data Portal

RMS users click here to access your Nation’s data and view patrol reports.

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