Miác̓i: Canned Salmon Music Festival

Launched by CFN-GBI, Miác̓i: Canned Salmon Music Festival introduces Canadians to the cultural and environmental stewardship of our traditional territories, and celebrates Indigenous-led conservation initiatives throughout the region.

Sponsored by Rogers Media, Salmon Nation and RAVEN, the festival features Indigenous artists from Bella Bella to Haida Gwaii, including Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Murray Porter, Carsen Gray, Drezus, Candace Curr, Saltwater Hank, Kristi Lane Sinclair and more! The event also includes video stories with Indigenous leaders, artists and community members from the North Pacific Coast.

Watch the interview on CityTV Breakfast Television with CFN Executive Director Christine Smith-Martin and festival organizer Megan Humchitt.

Watch the full 2-hour broadcast

Did you know?

  • 20% of the world’s wild salmon come from the Great Bear Rainforest
  • Coastal First Nations communities depend on salmon for food security
  • Rebuilding salmon stocks is a crucial part of a sustainable economy
  • First Nations have a constitutionally protected right to access salmon for food, social, and ceremonial (FSC) purposes

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Salmon are the lifeblood of coastal ecosystems and economies — a keystone species that is integral to the entire coastal food chain and at the heart of coastal First Nations’ culture and creation stories. It is our responsibility to help restore salmon populations.

CFN member Nations will continue to spread awareness of the salmon crisis and advance the positive solutions that will bring populations back to healthy levels.

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