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MaPPing the way forward for ocean jobs and protection

April 27, 2015

MaPPing the way forward for ocean jobs and protection http://bit.ly/1J3Xde2

The recent toxic fuel spill that closed Vancouver beaches had Premier Christy Clark calling for stronger leadership in the management of B.C.’s oceans.

“Somebody has to start looking after our coasts,” she urged.

On Monday, 18 coastal First Nations and the Province will announce plans that chart a course for the long-term sustainability of our coastal ecosystems and communities.

For almost five years, First Nations and the Province — with broad participation and support from industry, conservation groups, and coastal communities — have worked together to lay a foundation for a sustainable marine economy while safeguarding B.C.’s vast Pacific waters.

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Heiltsuk Nation supports keepers of sacred fire on Burnaby Mountain

November 25, 2014


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Coastal First Nations Support NDP Bill to Protect Pacific Northwest

September 24, 2014

(Vancouver, Sept. 23, 2014) – The Coastal First Nations supports a federal NDP bill aimed at putting in place a law that would prohibit supertankers from on the North Coast.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen introduced a private members bill, An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest, that would also give communities a stronger voice in pipeline reviews and consider impacts of projects on jobs.

Executive Director Art Sterritt said for too long the concerns of our people and the majority of British Columbians have been ignored. “The bill addresses some of our major concerns with Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline.”

The pipeline review process with First Nations has been lacking. “This bill will ensure that our voices and concerns are heard.”

Sterritt said the bill will allow for more sustainable and long-term jobs. “We have spent more than a decade developing a sustainable economy.”

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Great Bear film on importance of bears

September 11, 2014

A Coastal First Nations led collaboration with researchers from leading academic universities provides remarkable insights into the importance of bears and the other keystone species to the ecosystems of the Great Bear Rainforest. An outstanding video produced by the Heiltsuk and Kitsoo Xai'xais along with UBC Studios.


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Bear Viewing Guides Set Deadline of September 9 for Chance to Trade Hunting Tags for Once-in-a-lifetime Trip

August 28, 2014

Vancouver, BC - With opening day of the fall bear hunt fast approaching, professional First Nations bear guides are reminding BC hunters of their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trade in their grizzly hunt tags for a chance to shoot bears with cameras, not guns. 

Resident hunters who have successfully applied for a Limited Entry Hunt (LEH) authorization for a grizzly bear in regions 5-08 and 5-09 are invited to send in their tags by September 10 to be in the draw for a trip for two to Spirit Bear Lodge, an award-winning bear and wildlife viewing resort in Klemtu BC. 

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Art Sterritt wins prestigious Stanford award

August 5, 2014

Stanford announces 2014 Stanford Bright Award recipient

The Stanford Bright Award recognizes unheralded individuals who have made significant contributions to global sustainability. Art Sterritt will receive the 2014 award for his efforts in protecting the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada.

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Heiltsuk and Kitasoo-Xaixais Nations jointly file court challenge to Federal decison approving Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

July 14, 2014


First Nations vow to uphold community mandates to protect their  territories from oil tankers

BELLA BELLA, BC – (July 14, 2014) Following the federal government’s approval of Enbridge Northern Gateway, the Heiltsuk and Kitasoo-Xaixais Nations are vowing to fight in the court, and if necessary, on the land, to protect their coastal territories and way of life.

“Our people have been clear since this pipeline was proposed,” said Chief Councillor Marilyn Slett. “We will not allow this to threaten our waters. We stand with our relatives up and down the coast in rejecting this frightful project.”

The two central coast First Nations groups have jointly applied for the right to bring a judicial review of the federal government’s decision. “This issue has catalyzed our peoples,” said Kitasoo-Xaixais Tribal Councillor Douglas Neasloss. “Let this be a signal that we intend to fight this project in a spirit of unified strength.”

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Coastal First Nations reacts to Tsilhqot’in Decision

June 26, 2014

(Vancouver, June 26, 2014) – The Tsilhqot’in decision is a major victory for all First Nations people in British Columbia and Canada. “It represents a massive shift in the relationship between First Nations and governments,” said Art Sterritt.

Sterritt, the executive director of the Coastal First Nations, said the decision also reaffirms the long road First Nations been on for the last 45 years.  “Many of our leaders have worked tirelessly to get to this point where the Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously recognized our Aboriginal Rights to the land.”

First Nations owe a lot of gratitude to the Tsilhqot’in people, he said. “We thank and honour Chief Roger William, Tsilhqot’in chiefs, elders, community members and his team for their perseverance and unwavering commitment.”

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First Nation Completes “Symbolic Blockade” of Douglas Channel In Opposition to Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

June 20, 2014

HARTLEY BAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA (June 20, 2014) - Members of the Gitga’at First Nation have successfully stretched a crochet “Chain of Hope” across the Douglas Channel as a symbol of their opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and oil tankers project. 

A flotilla of boats from the community began the journey at 2pm after inclement weather delayed their launch. Gitga’at women paddled a canoe across the channel in the pouring rain, carrying a giant spool of multicolor crochet wool, interspersed with mementoes and fishing floats with messages written on them.
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Media Advisory: First Nation to Blockade Douglas Channel in Opposition to Northern Gateway Pipeline and Oil Tankers

June 19, 2014
Attention News Editors: 

The Gitga’at First Nation will be blockading the Douglas Channel tomorrow morning (June 20, 2014) to show their opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and oil tankers in BC’s narrow coastal waters. 

What: Gitga’at women, children and men will float a 20,382 foot long crochet “Chain of Hope” across the Douglas Channel between Hawkesbury Island and Hartley Bay. 

All shipping will be stopped. Visit: www.chainofhope.ca
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