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Coastal First Nation commends Liberal moratorium on oil tankers

November 13, 2015

(Vancouver, November 13, 2015) - The Coastal First Nations commends Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s directive for a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on BC’s north coast.

“It is another strong signal that Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline will not go forward.  We hope that this finally puts an end to Northern Gateway Pipeline,” said CFN president Marilyn Slett.

Our communities have fought for decades to keep our waters and resources safe from oil tanker, she said. The Coastal First Nations has had a ban on oil tankers since March 2010.

The idea of oil tankers in the Great Bear Sea was a non-starter for Coastal First Nations, she said. “Our communities have Aboriginal Title and Rights to the lands and waters.  We had a responsibility to protect our lands, waters and resources.”

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Council of the Haida Nation seeks plan to protect oceans

November 9, 2015

The 2015 House of Assembly, the legislative body of the Haida Nation, passed a resolution expressing opposition to British Columbia’s LNG agenda and demanding that the mass export of any fossil fuel through its territory be prohibited.

Kil tlaats ‘gaa Peter Lantin, President of the Haida Nation said that if LNG is developed on the north coast we could see large LNG tankers passing through Haida territorial waters. Presently there are no adequate provincial or federal emergency response systems in place if a ship were to founder.

"Should there be an accident our environment and way of life will experience significant damage,” Lantin said. “Our goal is to establish a world-class, leading-edge, regional shipping management plan. In achieving this, reconciliation between the Crown and First Nations, will also be advanced.”

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Coastal First Nations support the Liberal government’s plan to put moratorium on oil tanker traffic in north coast

November 5, 2015

Vancouver, November 5, 2015 – The Coastal First Nations (CFN) support the Liberal government’s plan to put a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on BC’s north coast.

The CFN also would like the Liberal government to keep its commitment to cancel Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline. We believe its strategy paper “Protecting Our Oceans” aligns well with CFN’s objectives, particularly the commitment to “formalize the moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast, including the Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound, to ensure that ecologically sensitive areas and local economies are protected from the potentially devastating impacts of a spill.”

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Heiltsuk Nation signs declaration that sets stage for reconciliation

October 28, 2015




Heiltsuk Nation signs declaration that sets stage for reconciliation

(Bella Bella – Oct. 28. 2015) The Heiltsuk celebrated the signing of a declaration that sets out a renewed mandate and a unique approach to reconcile our relationship with Canada & BC.

Heiltsuk’s traditional territory is located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest on BC’s central coast.

In the 2014 Tsilhqot’in decision, the Supreme Court of Canada held that a declaration of Aboriginal title could be obtained through a negotiated agreement, or by court declaration. Today,through the signing of the Declaration and community approval of our Title & Rights Strategy, the Heiltsuk have established our own agenda to seek reconciliation with Canada and BC.

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Coastal First Nations Executive Director Art Sterritt announces his retirement

September 28, 2015


Vancouver, September 28, 2015 – Coastal First Nations (CFN) executive director Art Sterritt announced his retirement today.

"It has been a privilege to lead the Coastal First Nations over the years and work with some of the finest leaders and professionals on the coast," Sterritt said. "After more than 40 years of working for First Nations at the community, regional and provincial levels I felt it was time for a change.”

Art’s plans to spend more time with his family and focus on carving.  He is a well-known artist, sculptor and goldsmith in B.C. and Canada. His work can be found in museums and private collections throughout North America.

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First Nations and Province complete marine plans

April 27, 2015

Marine management took a significant step forward today, with the completion of plans under the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) for the North Pacific Coast; a co-led partnership between the Province of B.C. and 18 coastal Nations.

The MaPP plans provide recommendations for key areas of marine management, including uses, activities and protection and will inform decisions regarding the sustainable economic development and stewardship of the coastal marine environment in the plan areas, which extend from Haida Gwaii to Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

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MaPPing the way forward for ocean jobs and protection

April 27, 2015

MaPPing the way forward for ocean jobs and protection http://bit.ly/1J3Xde2

The recent toxic fuel spill that closed Vancouver beaches had Premier Christy Clark calling for stronger leadership in the management of B.C.’s oceans.

“Somebody has to start looking after our coasts,” she urged.

On Monday, 18 coastal First Nations and the Province will announce plans that chart a course for the long-term sustainability of our coastal ecosystems and communities.

For almost five years, First Nations and the Province — with broad participation and support from industry, conservation groups, and coastal communities — have worked together to lay a foundation for a sustainable marine economy while safeguarding B.C.’s vast Pacific waters.

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Heiltsuk Nation supports keepers of sacred fire on Burnaby Mountain

November 25, 2014


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Coastal First Nations Support NDP Bill to Protect Pacific Northwest

September 24, 2014

(Vancouver, Sept. 23, 2014) – The Coastal First Nations supports a federal NDP bill aimed at putting in place a law that would prohibit supertankers from on the North Coast.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen introduced a private members bill, An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest, that would also give communities a stronger voice in pipeline reviews and consider impacts of projects on jobs.

Executive Director Art Sterritt said for too long the concerns of our people and the majority of British Columbians have been ignored. “The bill addresses some of our major concerns with Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline.”

The pipeline review process with First Nations has been lacking. “This bill will ensure that our voices and concerns are heard.”

Sterritt said the bill will allow for more sustainable and long-term jobs. “We have spent more than a decade developing a sustainable economy.”

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Great Bear film on importance of bears

September 11, 2014

A Coastal First Nations led collaboration with researchers from leading academic universities provides remarkable insights into the importance of bears and the other keystone species to the ecosystems of the Great Bear Rainforest. An outstanding video produced by the Heiltsuk and Kitsoo Xai'xais along with UBC Studios.


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