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Enbridge claims on equity agreements a sham, says Coastal First Nations

June 6, 2012


Vancouver (Tuesday, June 5/12) – A claim today by Enbridge that the company has  signed equity agreements with 60 per cent of the First Nations along the proposed B.C./Alberta route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is a complete sham, says Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt.

“We have checked with all the First Nations on the pipeline route west of Prince George and only two First Nations have signed equity agreements,” says Sterritt, in response to Enbridge’s announcement earlier today. Sterritt says the numbers being bandied about by Enbridge are flawed. “Enbridge expanded its pipeline corridor by 80 kilometers to increase its numbers. Many of these communities that have signed on are located outside of the areas that will be most impacted by a spill.”

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Enbridge Ad Campaign No Substitute

May 30, 2012

For Immediate Release




VANCOUVER (May 30, 2012) –Enbridge’s multi-million dollar ad campaign is an act of desperation to try to sell a project that clearly doesn’t have the support of First Nations or British Columbians, says Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt. “The proposed Northern Gateway Project may be Enbridge’s “path to the future” but it is not a path First Nations or British Columbians will take.”

The misguided campaign is intended to convince British Columbians that the proposed Northern Gateway project is in their interests, Sterritt says.  “What is needed is a full and fact-based debate on this project.”

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Founder of Bella Bella Youth Stewardship Group Receives Prestigous Award

April 24, 2012

APRIL 24, 2012



The Board and staff of Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society celebrate the decision of the British Columbia Achievement Association to honour Qqs Executive Director Larry Jorgenson as a recipient of the 2012 BC Community Achievement Award. The award is given to individuals for their significant contributions to their community. 

Over his thirty-three years in the Heiltsuk First Nations community of Bella Bella at the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, Mr. Jorgenson has left his mark in the fields of youth engagement, education, restorative justice, environmentalism, cultural revitalization, social work, and community healing. Since founding Qqs Society, Mr. Jorgenson’s work has focused on holistic approaches to strengthening youth and community.

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Oil spill in Great Bear Sea would have devastating impacts

March 29, 2012

The Coastal First Nations commissioned a report that confirms that a tanker spill would cause irreparable harm to the coastal economy and environment. All the work that has been done to create a sustainable economy would be wiped out by an oil spill. The report strengthens the resolve of Coastal First Nations to keep oil tankers out of the Great Bear Sea.


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Coastal First Nations React to Transport Canada’s nod for Enbridge supertanker route

February 28, 2012

Coastal First Nations React to Transport Canada’s nod for Enbridge supertanker route

(Vancouver, Feb. 23, 2012) - Transport Canada’s decision to allow Enbridge to use supertankers carrying oil to navigate the waters within the Traditional Territories of the Coastal First Nations is unfathomable, says Art Sterritt.

Sterritt, the executive director of the Coastal First Nations, says numerous safety issues, including treacherous passage ways, poor weather conditions and human error, were ignored or minimized by Transport Canada. “It is nonsensical to say there will always be residual risk in any project. This shocking decision means a disproportionate share of risk clearly falls on the people who live within the Great Bear Rainforest.”

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CFN announces collaborative marine planning initiative

December 1, 2011

Coastal First Nations announces collaborative marine planning initiative
The Coastal First Nations is creating marine plans in partnership with the Province for Haida Gwaii, the Central Coast and the North Coast. The initiative, known as the Marine Planning Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP), was launched on November 28th, 2011. “Our partnership with the Province will support the development of marine plans for Haida Gwaii, the North Coast, and the Central Coast,” said Art Sterritt.
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Coastal First Nations Newsletter

November 1, 2011
The Canadians and the NAILSMA organizing team

Guardian Watchmen share ideas with North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance

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News Release: New Inn at Laurel Point guest amenities support BC’s Coastal First Nations

June 28, 2011

Inn at Laurel Point guest amenities support BC's Coastal First Nations

Sept. 27, 2011, Victoria, BC – Inn at Laurel Point, a waterfront hotel located in Victoria, BC, has just launched a new line of signature guest amenities, celebrating BC's pristine Great Bear Rainforest, Coastal First Nations and Silk Road.

The exclusive products feature woodsy base notes from oils of tree boughs, harvested from BC's Great Bear Rainforest by members of the Coastal First Nations - Great Bear Initiative, and are locally blended by Silk Road. The new line of amenities includes shampoo and conditioner, soap, bath foam and salts, body lotion, massage oil and face mist.

news release
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