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Capacity Building


In addition to the ongoing support of capacity building embedded in its many projects, GBI has been in discussions with the Province on the establishment of a Great Bear Capacity Development Centre. The Centre will support sustainable economic development and employment for Coastal First Nations members through recognized, high quality, flexible and responsive education and training programs.  A broader capacity building strategy will be developed for 2011-12.

Institutional Development

Currently, the coastal First Nations don’t have adequate institutional or individual capacity to take full advantage of the opportunities that will become available in the near future. There are varying degrees of capacity in First Nations and there has not been a coordinated approach to ensure that best practices are adopted throughout the coastal First Nations.


The Coastal First Nations works collaboratively with a variety of organizations to support our work. We strategically partner with organizations and academic institutions already conducting work in key areas to leverage resources, avoid duplication of work, and set up networks of people with similar interests. Significant progress has been made since the establishment of the Coast First Nations. We are stronger and more focused as agreements are now turning into economic opportunities that will bring much needed jobs to our communities.

One of the greatest responsibilities we have as Coastal First Nations leaders is to provide an economy that includes a diverse menu of sustainable economic opportunities for our future generations. If we are to achieve that goal we must focus on capacity building and be strategic in planning for the future.