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Coastal First Nations to Share Resource Stewardship Experiences with Indigenous Rangers in Northern Australia

September 27, 2012

Wally Webber (Nuxalk), David Leask (Metlakatla) and Claire Hutton (Coastal Stewardship Network Coordinator) are on their way to northern Australia to attend the Northern Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Alliance (NAILSMA) I-Tracker Forum. The Forum brings together Indigenous land and sea managers and researchers to strengthen networks and share experiences in resource management and monitoring.

There will be over 50 indigenous rangers (similar to our Guardian Watchmen) from communities across Northern Australia at the I-Tracker Forum (http://www.nailsma.org.au/i-tracker-0), as well as an indigenous group from the Solomon Islands.  One of the keynote speakers is the founder and developer of CyberTracker, the basis for the CoastTracker used by Coastal First Nations to collect data in the field.   We are excited about the opportunities to learn from and share with other groups working to protect their traditional lands and waters. 

The delegation from Coastal First Nations will give two presentations at the Forum. The first presentation will set the broader context of First Nations stewardship on the coast, including land and marine use agreements developed by Nations, establishment of stewardship offices, the role and importance of Guardian Watchmen, and highlights of the Regional Monitoring System. The second presentation will focus on community Guardian Watchmen and stewardship efforts, including what Guardian Watchmen do in their community, successes and changes they face, and how they collect data to monitor issues of concern.

We are very appreciative of the support provided by NAILSMA and TNC to make this learning exchange possible.  The delegation will share photos and stories on the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network blog (http://guardianwatchmen.blogspot.ca/) and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coastal-Guardian-Watchmen-Network/97043180517

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